July 22, 2009


I think the reason my blogging efforts in the past have never succeeded is that I never find an area of focus. Meaning: topic, style, or format. In the past I have updated my various blogs (and even written journals) randomly, sporadically, and often lack the interest in updating at all. I think that's because I had no goal, no sense of accomplishment, and no reason to post if the mood didn't strike me. I'd like to change that.

I want a website where I can communicate, perhaps even chronicle some of the things in my life, and yet avoid the (often uninteresting) niche confessional exhibitionism. I do want to be a filmmaker, after all, and it would be nice to have my movies do the heavy lifting in terms of what I hope to "say" to the world at large. Making a short movie could take a year (two years in the case of one of my movies...), which is far too slow and burdensome when the eventual goal of this site is to have content designed for frequent, small-dose consumption.

I communicate differently with my co-workers than I do with my family. Same goes for my friends from childhood, my friends from college, and my neighbors. Finding a style and method of communication that is both A) honest, and B) appropriate for god-knows-who would ever read this, is tricky considering any of the above people could read this, and then some.

I'll see. Perhaps some creative non-fiction is a better approach than my instinct for "journal" writing. And hell, an image or a link or something might be nice! You know, content.

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