February 19, 2010

Blog Link Test

I just picked a random, bizarre story from my Google Reader feed to link here, in order to see how quickly I could post content on my blog without having to type in code. Did it work?
Man Launches Crayola Crayon Rockets in Nevada Desert [Rockets]: "
He's been working on them for 12 years, but finally John Coker was successful in launching his Crayola crayon rockets. Only four of the eight worked properly, but they managed to soar to 2,928 feet in the Nevada desert.
Trying to keep the crayons and box as realistic as possible, Coker built an eight-pack box slightly larger than scale, to accommodate for the launch rods and fins of each crayon rocket. The full explanation of how he did it is on his site (something to work on once you retire?), but I want to see someone build a Heineken beer crate of rockets instead. Or a 12-pack of sausages. [John Coker via Walyou]

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