February 28, 2010

Gelato In The Winter

It should be no secret that I have, quite possibly, the world's biggest sweet tooth. Well, I really hate that expression... but bare with me, because you know what the fuck I mean. I like sugar, in all its forms most beautiful.

For me, a meal is just foreplay before dessert.

Today I passed a new Gelato place on Broadway, near Belmont, in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood: Paciugo. It had about a bajillion crazy flavors, had delicious coffee service, and everything was made with all-natural ingredients. Bonus: while it wasn't "inexpensive," it was actually a bit cheaper than a mass-market ice cream place like Cold Stone Creamery (which uses, almost across the board, really nasty shit in it's products). I fell in love with Paciugo immediately.

One of the kindly gelato-dispensing gentleman employees informed us that the business started in Texas, but each are independently owned (ie, franchised). Still, the place looked really neat (check out this fucking table top!), and had a lot of taste and panache.


The company has over 200 flavors (with a few vegan options) which are rotated regularly.

I ate two flavors: Cinnamon Chocolate with Chile Spice (not listed on their site for some reason), and Texas Pecan with Sea Salt Carmel.

They were both fucking delicious.

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