February 26, 2010

It Always Wins

Much like "the house," the internet always wins. It doesn't matter what you tried to do, why you did it, or who it was for, the internet levels all playing fields. Take the following video for example, as recently discussed on Boing Boing:

These poor, stupid kids. The lot of them (and their parents) are probably very proud that they made this awesome song and shot an awesome video and totally learned iMovie to put it all together in HD (!!). However, what matters is that on the internet they are a laughing stock, and thus that is what they will be.

Keep in mind, it's terribly important that you watch the video at least to the "guitar solo" at about 2:07. According to Boing Boing:
'Final Placement' is a teen Christian Rock band from Midland, Texas. Dangerous Minds more or less discovered this video of the band earlier this week, and internet infamy exploded.
Sneering at off-key amateur god-pop is easy enough, but what's interesting about the story is this: the young man who plays guitar in this video jumped right into the comment thread, and owned up to how epically awful it was. 'I am not in the band. I helped them out on this song, unfortunately,' he says. "The guitar solo I played— hate it. It deserves to get ripped."
Not everyone feels that way. Someone took his guitar solo and made a loop of it.
While I have a soft spot for Christian rock bands getting their just desserts, something about this feels especially incredible. I think it's the fact that even at this level there is discord among the band members (har har har), which we only know about because of their sudden infamy.

What did people do before the internet, anyway? I can't imagine a life without this sort of joy falling into my lap with the click of a button.

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Chris Pluchar said...

That's something they may want to pay a service to erase from the internet...

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