March 30, 2010

What gives?

I tried to make a chai latte at home today, and the results were unsuccessful.

I make these really delicious chai lattes at my place of work, they're fucking unbelievably good, and I've just about perfected the process by which they can be made (it involves actual loose-leaf chai tea, and not the stupid pre-blend crap they provide at coffee shops). I tried to re-create that process at home, but a few things caused the resulting beverage to taste like shit. What gives?

In other news, the best film I've ever made was rejected from its first film festival. What gives?

Also, now that I'm done with school I somehow find myself with no time to read books, exercise, or keep my financial and personal records in order. What gives?

p.s. - I'd like to thank random Google Image searches for helping to keep this blog entry more visually stimulating.

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waterwaif said...

Random google image searches are the bomb, yo.

Okay, the chai latte: it has to be something very easy to fix like... are you using a different kind of milk than the kid you have at work? If you use whole milk at work, skim or lowfat ain't gonna cut it at home.

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