September 22, 2010

This Must Be The Place.

At long last, my website is going live. This also coincides with the first public screenings of my film, "Forget Me Not." For the first time ever, many random strangers across North America will be subjected to stuff that I've made.

They may even stumble across this website. They may even revisit. But, as everyone knows, websites aren't legitimate until people have arguments in their comments section.

I would be lying If I said I fully understood how to utilize the internet as an artistic and commercial tool... and I don't like lying. I know that I like to talk to people, and this seems like a good way to go about it. Blogging is an uphill battle, though. Facebook and RSS feed aggregators are insidiously compelling outlets, but somewhere in this vast network, someone has to be generating actual content in their own space. Right? (Right?!)

Information and art appear more democratic to me in recent years, thanks to these glorious Tubes. Similar to the advent of the Blockbuster era in the 70's, the early 21st century is posing some interesting changes and problems for the film industry. All the while, my peers and I are trying to make a living at this. We'll see where the chips fall! In the mean time, I'll keep making things.

As a founding member of the Nintendo Generation, I hereby swear to start understanding Creative Commons licensing, Internet distribution, and global markets before my films die of asphyxiation.

Here goes nothing!


Clockwork said...

Here I am, testing a comment!

Clockwork said...


Chris Pluchar said...

Looks good sir. And if you're adding content, it's half full. If you're removing content, it's half empty.

Looking forward to seeing it filled.

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