October 2, 2010

E.I.F.F. Recap

I'm a pop-culture nerd at heart, so I can't simply attend a film festival and not at least list the movies I was able to catch. Especially since a few of these may (unfortunately) never get released in the States. I'll try to capture what was best about these movies in a single sentence.

I already mentioned Let Me In, Score! A Hockey Musical, and Made In Dagenham, and I watched at least another four short film programs, so I'll be skipping those. The remaining three movies were each awesome documentaries.

STEAM OF LIFE TRAILER from OktoberFi on Vimeo.

Steam of Life - An incredibly beautiful and raw documentary comprised entirely of naked Finnish men revealing their greatest tragedies, mistakes, and moments of triumph while in various (and sometimes charmingly ramshackle) saunas. [Link]

The Rivals - A story of the rivalry between two very economically diverse high school football teams (the down-and-out but long time State Champions of a paper mill town called Rumford, and the stop-at-nothing wealthy community of Cape Elizabeth), and the pressure they feel to become state champions. [Link]

Inside Job - Matt Damon narrates an incredibly effective documentary about the lead up to the 2008 global financial crisis, and how the dozens of people responsible for it managed to escape unscathed. [Link]

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