October 21, 2010

Entering Autumn.

When I returned from Edmonton, I didn't have much "on the books," as they say. There are some festivals coming up with Forget Me Not, but I also don't have the money to attend any of them.

Fast forward a few weeks, to now!

My Producer, Chris Pluchar, is headed to the East Lansing Film Festival in Michigan this weekend to rep Forget Me Not in my place (it's in competition, so I'm hoping we take home a fancy award!). Meanwhile I'm headed to Fayetteville, Georgia for a wedding.

After returning, I've signed on as 2nd AD on an upcoming feature film directed by Jack Newell (who is now sending out his latest short film "Typing," into the world, after it's world premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival). After Jack's film (as yet untitled, though it's heavily improv-based and sounds like a lot of fun), I'll be production designing a music video directed by my pal Logan Futej, for a band called the Wiitala Brothers (one of which designed both of our websites!).

THEN, I get to finally visit the Detroit area and my family (girlfriend in tow), where I'll meet my three month old nephew, Isaac, see my Dad hopefully recovering from some horrible and debilitating knee replacement surgery (which could in fact end up being a full-blown amputation...), and attend my 10 year high school reunion.  

Wait a minute, I graduated high school ten fucking years ago?

After all that, I get to start thinking about my next film!

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