January 6, 2011

There Will Be Dust.

Although few people visit actual websites these days (preferring instead to use post aggregation and RSS feeds), I feel the need to mention there will be a few changes around here. I will detail them now:

I'm going to keep blog posts and tweets in separate "feeds," though both easily readable together if you visit my actual site. I thought at first that a unified feed would lower the hassle of content-overload that people are confronted with these days. Instead it was annoying, and gave me no incentive to actually use my blog as a blog. So, behold that little "TweetBox" thingie over there. Hopefully the site doesn't look cluttered with two boxes of text... Does it look cluttered?

Also, I've added content to the "About" area of the site, so that clients, peers, and people who don't know me in real life can get a better idea of how much of a smart-ass I am. A few refinements to that section are still forthcoming.

Lastly, the "Film" and "Photography" sections will be fully online later this month. Unless something awful happens to me or Christopher (the site builder).

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