January 14, 2011


I just finished the edit on a corporate video for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, which means that I can consider them an actual client now. They're technically my employers in the more traditional sense of the word (as in, I put on a goofy blue shirt and wait tables for them), but for the Matt that's not a waiter and is trying to run a business, they're clients, damn it.

The whole thing was conceived and finished in under a week, which I'm realizing is how I prefer to work if I can. Projects that last for months and months, unless they are very personally and creatively rewarding, can be unbelievably difficult to juggle.

The video is called "Extreme Hospitality," which is probably enough to give you an idea of the kind of footage I've been working with the past week. Even if I could post it on-line somewhere, I'm not sure that I would. Fortunately they've encouraged me to be a little tongue-in-cheek, so it was fun.

Since 90% of the waiters in Chicago are artists or actors, it's pretty smart for Kimpton to farm out weird little projects like this to those of us who actually want the work. Besides helping me pay my rent, they apparently invest in the professional growth of their staff by encouraging freelance creative work like this. Not that I want to make "Extreme Hospitality" videos for the rest of my life, but every little bit helps, friends. Every bit.

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