February 22, 2011

DSLR Blues.

The DSLR format is a tricky beast. If I told you how much time I've spent in the last few weeks making wish lists and shopping carts at Amazon and B&H, not to mention the forums, blogs, rumor mills, and tech sites I've scoured, it would disappoint you greatly. Even if you don't know me, you would think to yourself, "really, Matt? Is any of this behavior necessary?"

You must understand: I'm constantly at fault for trying to quantify the unquantifiable. I'm like Don Quixote that way. I've titled at so many windmills, friends.

Journalists, tech experts, professional filmmakers and photographers, and just about anyone with a brain is aware that the Canon 5D Mark III, whenever it comes, will likely be the definitive tool for indie filmmakers for at least the next year or three. Coincidentally, that's the time in which I'll be making at least one feature film. The exceptional value of the Mark II seemed to catch Canon by surprise, so (unless that company is run by morons) they should be poised to take advantage of an incredible demand for an even greater filmmaking tool.

It's also nice that I'm overdue for a revived interest in still photography. The fact that I can invest in a single set of tools to accomplish both things is incredible.

In light of that (do I intend puns like this? Perhaps), I decided to purchase a 7D, knowing that it's a temporary acquisition. I have video work, not to mention a backlog of still photography ideas I haven't touched in years, that are not smart to shelve. Not for the 2-12 months it may take the Mark III to hit the streets, anyway. A 7D body is inexpensive, still re-sellable whenever the Mark III arrives, still professional quality, and still (presumably) allows me to gather lenses, memory cards, batteries, and other accessories that I won't have to replace. Also, contrary to what the haters say, you can actually make a good film on a DSLR. Just ask my pal Stephen.

So that's that. When it arrives, I'll probably gush all about it here. I'm also likely to post a bunch of ridiculous self portraits and videos of my cats.

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