February 1, 2011

Ye Olde Chicago Blizzard Of Twenty-Eleven.

People just love to discuss the weather. I am not one of those people, just as I am not one to discuss professional sports, traffic patterns, or other ephemera of boring, white Americans. It's like, guys, this white stuff falls from the sky every single year in Chicago.

I have to backtrack a little. It's true, I think weather and sports are boring, but at the same time I really love listening to people take things seriously. Anything, really. For all the time I spent as a kid feeling terrified about how geeky my brain was, I now realize that we are all geeky. The difference is A) what we're geeky about, and B) how often we geek-out.

For a real geek, singular events are not enough to sustain interest. The things I am geeky about are on my mind at all times. They are a filter through which I see everything. What a real geek detests are fair-weather geeks (or in this case, bad-weather geeks). If you're only going to care about something once a year, why care at all?

Admittedly: does the difference matter, in the grand scheme of things? Absolutely not.

But I think life is better as a geek, or at least if one is prone to take at least one thing in life far, far too seriously. Fabrics, politics, the Detroit Tigers, old movies, old buildings, food... literally anything. I was raised with an NES controller in my hands, and while I barely find the time to play video games these days, the attitude remains: Life is better when dissected, strategized, optimized, and "won." Even if someone vehemently disagrees with me about something, the fact that they take the same issue so seriously is refreshing and fun.

To summarize, it's not the blizzard talk that's annoying, it's the fact that the people talking about the blizzard don't talk about the weather all the time. For that weirdo in your office who studies the weather every day, has his own satellite feed, and may even know the weather for places he's never actually visited? I want to hear him talk about the blizzard.

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