March 24, 2011


One exciting development is the new apartment I'll be moving to on May 1st. It's not far from my current place in Pilsen (the new place is a bit closer to the "cool stuff" in Pilsen, though).

It's more than double the size of my current apartment, and also comes with a gigantic 30' by 22' empty room with high ceilings. It's a space I'll be sharing from now on (with my girlfriend Chelcie) as a studio, rehearsal space, and breakout room for large projects and gear. I shot the entirety of Forget Me Not in a room half the size of this one, so the possibilities are already percolating in my brain.

Even if I don't shoot a proper film there (who am I kidding, of course I will), it's a relief to finally have a physical space dedicated to film and my business. When it's set up, painted, and ready for viewing (probably not for another two months), I'll certainly provide photos.

In the mean time, it's freelance a-go-go for me.

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