April 19, 2011


Currently sitting in a very large SUV full of gear. Odds are this is how I'll spend the majority of the next week, so I've brought a book, my journal, a car/iPhone adapter, and snacks.

So far this crew, which is entirely British, has been impossibly nice. Eye contact, hand shakes, names given, and all that jazz.

The project I've been hired for is a travelogue about Route 66, hosted by and starring British comedian, actor, and musician Billy Connolly. He's not a huge name in the states, but he's got some really interesting stuff on his roster. My job title is "driver," but since the whole crew consists of 6 or 7 Brits who've never been to Chicago I've become a bit of a "fixer" as well. Which of course sounds like a much cooler title. I think I'll keep that one.