May 13, 2011

No Spec, No Way.

Over the last year I've met and worked with editorial cartoonist Matt Bors on a few small projects (one of which will be showing on this site soon). Besides being one of the most dedicated artists and freelancers I can think of off the top of my head, he's been known to fight the good fight for Freelancers everywhere. Finding work is difficult for anyone these days, yes, but craftsmen and artists are particularly at risk for elaborate schemes that try to part them with their time and energy in exchange for empty promises and "exposure."

He recently posted an exchange between himself and an unscrupulous businessperson looking for spec illustration work under the guise of a "contest."

Thanks for getting back. I know you didn’t mean to ruffle my feathers, but you did, because these practices are now widespread. Most places don’t need full-time designers and most designers are freelancers. Hence, hiring a freelance designer as you would anyone else. I don’t need a full-time plumber. But when I need one for a short period I don’t make them compete for free–I just hire one with a good reputation.
You should read the whole thing.