June 10, 2011

Long Term.

The last few months have made it clear that as busy as I may be (and I am), I'm not feeling terribly productive. I've said as much in nearly every film-related conversation I've had since January. How can this be? 6 months seems like a long time to spin wheels, and most of my bigger goals remain "only nearly finished," instead of actually finished. For example, this website.

The main villain in this scenario is my day job, but that's a necessary evil for the time being. To help change things around, and to give myself a fresh slate of goals for the rest of 2011, I've decided to focus on a few things to help in the short term:
1) I purchased a few better/larger hard drives so that I wouldn't have to keep swapping data from place to place (not to mention the insane risk I've taken in the last three years of having nearly zero backups of everything I've made). All of my unfinished projects are in post, and this has been a big headache.

2) I will actually finish this website, painting the new apartment, and organizing my studio and office space within the next few weeks. Even if it's 10pm and I have to wake up at 5am, I will make progress.

3) I will also finish every unfinished project this month: a short film from two years ago called Red Letter Day, a microshort, a Roller Derby promotional video, and a new Dialogue.
 Here goes nothing.

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