August 30, 2011

Munger Road Trailer.

It's hard to tell exactly how the story breaks down from this first trailer, but I'm happy as hell that it looks as eerie as I had hoped.

Munger Road isn't nearly as "art heavy" as most thrillers tend to be, though there were definitely some tricky special effects and logistical nightmares to pull off. I could tell even during production that Wes (the Cinematographer) and Nick (the Director) were taking the film's visuals very, very seriously, and that helped my end of things quite a bit.

Our areas of inspiration were more the likes of "Halloween" than "Saw." The goal was to see how far we could push real-life locations and real-life characters (from a story based on real events, no less), rather than adopt the modern trend of gothic/stylistic nonsense. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

August 29, 2011


Almost But Not Quite by oneonetwothree
Almost But Not Quite, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.


Some Sunlight by oneonetwothree
Some Sunlight, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

Late October.

It looks like I'll be spending a chunk of October on the road, working for Iowa Public Television and the Fons and Porter quilting empire. More details to follow, but it seems I'll be starting in Fargo, North Dakota, journeying to San Antonio, Texas via bus, and then flying over to New York City on a lark.

I guess that means I should wrap up the seven thousand projects I have on my roster between now and then?

August 25, 2011

Very Pinteresting.

I can't think of a single other dude on earth that actually uses the service at Pinterest. Why? I don't know. It's been incredibly helpful as a way to find and organize visual ideas, but it seems most people use it to find cute clothes or pictures of hunky actors.

As a director and production designer, I'd love to see this site flourish. Now that I have a few hundred images collected, I could sit for hours just looking and dreaming up ideas. Below are a few random things that get my gears turning. For the whole set, feast yer eyes here. Or subscribe to the RSS feed: oneonetwothree

Source: via Matt on Pinterest
Source: via Matt on Pinterest

August 18, 2011

Found Object: Skyliners Paris

Besides being exhilarating and well-shot, this exceptional chunk of footage does more to embody the word "adventure" in roughly 120 seconds than some movies can manage in 120 minutes.

August 16, 2011

Munger Road.

Around this time last year I signed on to be the Production Designer of a thriller shot in St. Charles, Illinois (which at the time was set to shoot in less than three weeks). I dove in head first, and about six weeks later we had a feature film in the can.

My Art Director, myself, and our very green Art Department Intern (miraculously) tackled what should have been an insurmountable workload, made possible only because of how much we loved working with the project and the crew. The Director (not to mention the Cinematographer) never balked at mixing in a slew of challenges, and at the risk of tooting my own horn I think we did pretty well.

You can see its teaser website here: Munger Road

It's basically a modern ghost story, filmed in the actual town (and on the actual road) where an incredibly large number of urban legends, "sightings," and other ephemera have circulated. The director wrote a story around all the hub-bub, and from my point of view he's created some really cool stuff.

It looks like the film is set to be shown in theatres September 30th. I haven't seen it yet, and my first chance might be at this year's annual Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles (which we re-created for the film). If you're curious, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for it in theaters. I'll bet it's worth the ticket.

August 14, 2011

2011 (3 Part Update)

Guest Room 3 by oneonetwothree
Guest Room 3, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

Guest Room 2 by oneonetwothree
Guest Room 2, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

Guest Room 1 by oneonetwothree
Guest Room 1, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

August 11, 2011

Found Object: Mobius

This piece was commissioned by the city of Melbourne, completed by the design group Eness, and uses 21 triangle sculptures to create the illusion of movement. I think the animation itself is eerily (and beautifully) fluid, and creates a very interesting take on public art. All the passersby in the video are "involved" in the piece, and yet the nature of the animation hides the final product until the piece is assembled and completed. Pretty cool.

(via Colassal)

August 9, 2011


Half A Sip by oneonetwothree
Half A Sip, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

August 8, 2011

Photodump: Campers

Campers 7
Campers 2
Campers 5


I'm a good 2 years behind the curve, but now that I have Hipstamatic on my iPhone I've been a quite trigger happy. I debated whether to split these new pictures into a different gallery than my Photojournal, but for now I'll run with one, massive, unruly cluster of pictures. They all fit the same general theme, anyway: unplanned.

So, enjoy periodic photo dumps here, or see all the latest updates at my Photojournal via the Photography section.

Night Light
Bloody Mary

August 5, 2011

Hungry For Attention

I could talk for hours about the experience of making this film, though for brevity's sake I'll just say it was 7 month's of exciting, excruciating, and educational filmmaking. I'm finally making available on-line, a little over 2 years after it's completion date, because I like it too much to let it sit around gathering dust.

My producers and I didn't have the chance to spread this around to festivals after it was in the can, as we were still students and festival submissions cost a small fortune. However, for the handful of live audiences it's screened for It seems to be a bit more of a crowd-pleaser than "Forget Me Not." I'm hoping it can live a decent life on the internet.

Without further ado:

August 3, 2011

Pudding Face: Apparently Not A New Album From Aphex Twin

Whoever dreamed up this ad campaign should be flogged, because it implants images of living terror into the deepest parts of my brain.