August 16, 2011

Munger Road.

Around this time last year I signed on to be the Production Designer of a thriller shot in St. Charles, Illinois (which at the time was set to shoot in less than three weeks). I dove in head first, and about six weeks later we had a feature film in the can.

My Art Director, myself, and our very green Art Department Intern (miraculously) tackled what should have been an insurmountable workload, made possible only because of how much we loved working with the project and the crew. The Director (not to mention the Cinematographer) never balked at mixing in a slew of challenges, and at the risk of tooting my own horn I think we did pretty well.

You can see its teaser website here: Munger Road

It's basically a modern ghost story, filmed in the actual town (and on the actual road) where an incredibly large number of urban legends, "sightings," and other ephemera have circulated. The director wrote a story around all the hub-bub, and from my point of view he's created some really cool stuff.

It looks like the film is set to be shown in theatres September 30th. I haven't seen it yet, and my first chance might be at this year's annual Scarecrow Fest in St. Charles (which we re-created for the film). If you're curious, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for it in theaters. I'll bet it's worth the ticket.

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