September 9, 2011

Found Object: "TUB"

This one is a bit...disturbing? Unusual? I don't quite know what adjective to apply here that works as both a warning and a compliment. In some ways it's not safe for work, but not in a way you would generally apply that phrase...?

This film (Written & Directed by Bobby Miller) premiered at Sundance, went on to play a number of prestigious festivals, and garnered awards and representation. Not bad for 12 minutes! It bears close resemblance to a film by my pal Jon Steinhort ("Leftovers,"), and since I love both movies I probably have some kind of unhealthy fascination with ego-centric workaholics undergoing an identity crisis.

So far none of my projects have much in common with "TUB" or "Leftovers," but I'm definitely drawn to this kind of material. Maybe that means I'm overdue to make something that is equal parts unpleasant and fascinating? Here's to the future!

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