September 21, 2011

Top Chef Season 9: Meet Heather Terhune

I directed, shot, and edited the above video in early 2011 for Heather. It was literally the first project shot on my 7D, and had to be finished in the span of a day or two. I also had a major memory card error, which caused a full day's worth of food prep and interview footage to be lost. That meant we had to re-shoot a different dish in the midst of her simultaneously running her own restaurant.

It was a tense week, for one big reason: the video was her audition for Top Chef.

Lo and behold, she made the cut! If you go to Bravo's website, you can even watch chunks of my footage edited into their "Meet Heather Terhune" video. How nuts is that?

Almost two years ago I started working for her at the Atwood Cafe (my first restaurant job ever, back when she was the Executive Chef, and prior to Sable opening). She's now a friend, a client, and someone I'll be watching every week on a hugely popular TV show. What a strange convergence! In the mean time, anyone in Chicago can stop by Sable to check out her food for themselves.

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