September 3, 2011

The UPS Customer Service and Twitter Saga of 2011.

It all started last Wednesday (a far more innocent time for me), when I placed a routine order at B&H for a few items needed for an upcoming job.

Since then, I've been consumed by a bureaucratic nightmare that feels like a deleted scene from "Brazil." The only consolation is that UPS hasn't imprisoned or tortured me (yet), they've simply wasted a boatload of my time and money, and possibly driven me insane.

LONG STORY SHORT: Bad UPS driver fails to deliver where his forebears at UPS have never had an issue, I spend 24+ hours attempting to solve the problem (as the items are needed for a job today), and only manage to get told 12 different things by 12 different UPS employees, all ranging from Chicago to Bangladesh to who-knows-where. When I finally realize my only recourse is to show up at the UPS Will Call center this morning to retrieve the thing in person, I'm told the package is "pretty much lost" in the box line (whatever that is), and that there's no way for anyone to get it prior to it's newly scheduled Tuesday delivery. GREAT.

While I'm still empty handed, my ranting on twitter caught the attention of UPS's twitter admins, and with any luck they'll be able to step in and help.


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