November 25, 2011


I'm back in Chicago, after a 5 week stint in New York. I'm left with the mixed impression I'd normally associate with a failed relationship: I'm better for it, but tired and sore. The project and the people I worked with were incredible, but working out of that city....

Did you know that millions of people actually live and work there on purpose?

I had lots to gain from Light Years, but even more to lose, and I think I managed a healthy balance. To be blunt, from a Production Designer's standpoint it was a Herculean task to deliver at all, much less in any meaningful, creative way. On top of the time, budget, and personnel shortages, I lived in a "charming" apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, which had hot water and heat only as often as it didn't. We filmed 27 locations over 20 days in nearly every corner of the city (plus Westchester and Connecticut). Ambitious is an appropriate word here, but only because we actually pulled it off.

Something that kept me going: The Director, aside from being a pleasure to work for, was nursing a 2 month old infant the entire project. Can you imagine complaining about sleep or fatigue in light of that? In the end, I'm really proud of this one. Proud and grateful.

I have thousands of pictures, but I may have to hold off on the bulk of them so as not to spoil the film's market exposure. For now I need to get rested, unpacked, and caught up on a mountain of other projects.

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