December 6, 2011

Consequence of Sound: Top Photos of 2011

Long story, long: I took the below photo of James Vincent McMorrow's awesome performance at The Hideout in Chicago this year. Earlier that day I had helped Consequence of Sound writer Nick Freed videotape a studio performance and interview with James, and he turned out to be one hell of a dude. I ended up with an invite to the show because Nick's regular photographer pal couldn't attend.

Lo and behold, Consequence of Sound put one of my pictures as #70 in their top 100 photos of 2011 (I don't think I can link directly, you'll have to scroll through 69 other photos to see in on their site...). Considering the rest of the list is full of crazy-famous musicians at crazy-huge musical events, I'm quite proud. It doesn't hurt that James is absurdly and ruggedly handsome.

And now we're one step closer towards the Irish to taking over the world...
James Vincent McMorrow 01

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