December 23, 2011

Photojournal Updates

Chicago Cultural CenterGoodbye To SteveSophoclesPirates Of PenzanceIntelligentsia, Pour OverRed Dude, Halo Lady
Me & Chris, Light YearsBourbon Coffee, NYCCharles The AstronomerThe Deli, Light YearsThey Shoot Cameras, Don't They?Fashionista
Best Western DecorOK'd DealsElizabeth's PearSame Lens, New FlareThe Show Must Go OnDancefloor
No TrespassingBricked UpDaisy Through ConcreteGrand OpeningHideoutLoading Only
Photojournal, a set on Flickr.
I've just updated my Photojournal with stuff from the last few months. Working on "Light Years" and a few other projects made it impossible to stay up to date, so I'm making sure I close out 2011 with a clean slate.
You can browse my Photojournal in this site's Photography section, or view in higher res via Flickr.

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