January 31, 2012


While still hoping to finish a video originally slated for the end of 2011, I've already got the next 7 weeks or so of my life figured out:

Looks like I'll be Art Directing the latest Stephen Cone feature (his 3rd or 4th feature, depending on who you ask). I'll be working with Caity Birmingham, who's the biggest rock star I know in the art world. I've been good friends with Stephen for years, but this will be the first time my schedule and his schedule have allowed for us to work full time on the same project. I'm definitely, incredibly excited.

The project is called "Black Box," and the script is great.

The crew thus far is an insanely high concentration of some of my favorite people from Columbia College, as well as a few folks I've met along the way in the freelance world. If I'm scarce around here, you'll know why.

Also: I can't post my pictures from Light Years just yet, as that'd risk spoilers and marketing problems down the line, but they'll go up as soon as I'm able.

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