February 20, 2012

Found Object: "Black Box"

It looks like the very talented Shane Simmons will be making periodic behind-the-scenes videos for the movie I'm Art Directing. Here's a little teaser:

Ready. from Shane Simmons on Vimeo.

February 19, 2012

Black Box Day 0.

Tomorrow is the first day of production on Stephen Cone's film Black Box. I'll be insanely busy until mid March, but will hopefully get a chance to post photos regularly (in addition to the inside jokes that I'll mistakenly think anyone other than the crew will give a shit about).

Though now that I think about it, I'm still sorting through 6,000 photos I took while on Light Years in November. Yikes.

What is it called when it takes longer to process a thing than the thing took in the first place? There should be a word for that.

February 9, 2012


This isn't exactly film related, but it's an excuse to mention one of my new favorite Chicago businesses, The Rebuilding Exchange.

It's a green salvage company, which also has workshops and job training. Its two warehouses are chock full of insanely awesome stuff, all reclaimed from demolished or rehabbed buildings around Chicago. It's a great example of how green companies don't have to be impractical, and it's a great resources for those of us in the independent film community.

Here's a project I recently finished for my apartment:

Found Object: Werner Herzog

February 6, 2012


It won't be reflected on the site for a little while, but I've finally secured the license to www.oneonetwothree.com. A nice person by the name of Jason sold it to me out of the blue, and asked a very reasonable price considering how badly I had wanted it.

Originally the .net domain was a result of my not owning the .com iteration, and I begrudgingly took .net as a fall-back (let's face it, going for the more complicated "oneonetwothreeproductions.com" or some such thing would have been a terrible idea).

Now I've grown a bit attached to my .net home, and I think I may keep things redirected here after all.


Sediment by oneonetwothree
Sediment, a photo by oneonetwothree on Flickr.

February 1, 2012

Final Cut, No!

A small update in the saga that is Final Cut Pro, from Gizmodo.

I suppose these changes are 100% beneficial, though as a few comments already mentioned, it's still not enough to draw Pro customers. No source monitor, a wacky timeline, and far too many pointless limitations (not to mention the necessity for workarounds for basic features like EDL support)

Even if the above features were available at launch, the resulting uproar would have been similar. It's no secret that the Pro market is a harsh mistress. Still, as a freelancer I'm happy to use FCP 7, am reluctant to adopt a new software, and don't see the need for change any time in 2012. Hopefully by year's end there will be some more robust changes to FCPX, such that it's worth editing an indie feature or music video. Otherwise I know where a chunk of my tax return is going in February of 2013.