February 1, 2012

Final Cut, No!

A small update in the saga that is Final Cut Pro, from Gizmodo.

I suppose these changes are 100% beneficial, though as a few comments already mentioned, it's still not enough to draw Pro customers. No source monitor, a wacky timeline, and far too many pointless limitations (not to mention the necessity for workarounds for basic features like EDL support)

Even if the above features were available at launch, the resulting uproar would have been similar. It's no secret that the Pro market is a harsh mistress. Still, as a freelancer I'm happy to use FCP 7, am reluctant to adopt a new software, and don't see the need for change any time in 2012. Hopefully by year's end there will be some more robust changes to FCPX, such that it's worth editing an indie feature or music video. Otherwise I know where a chunk of my tax return is going in February of 2013.

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