April 2, 2012

Peter Dinklage.

I have a list of actors in the back of my mind that I would stop at nothing to work with (or more specifically, to direct). Usually what puts them there, besides being really talented, is that they're criminally underrated. They're people I want to see more from, and while I'd certainly love to be the person to make that happen, I also just like to watch them work.

Some were at least in a big film or TV show for awhile (like Lauren Ambrose or Bradley Whitford), but then that's about it. For all the work they're surely doing, they just don't seem to penetrate the white noise generated by entertainment media. I think that's a damn shame.

When I saw The Station Agent, I was a projectionist and I was paid to watch it. I honestly never would have made a point to see it otherwise, and yet now it's one of my favorite movies. I've now spent years mulling over how terrible it is that an actor like Peter Dinklage isn't handed awesome roles on a silver platter. Then Game of Thrones happened, and I felt much better about the state of the world where he's concerned.

All this is just lead-up to an awesome interview with Mr. Dinklage, which you should read. He's starting to get his due, which by my estimation means the world is this much closer to making sense.

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