June 2, 2012


I've been quiet around here, but for a good reason. Besides chipping away at some feature script ideas, I've been locked in as Production Designer on an upcoming film called "Medeas." It's shooting about 3 weeks from now in the LA area.

This will mark my first time ever in LA, so it's pretty exciting that I get to show up with a job instead of a beggar's bowl. The shoot runs a few weeks longer than the average indie (I'll be out there for about two months, much to the chagrin of my cat and house plants). I'll be posting photos and anecdotes as often as possible, though Producers tend to be fairly protective of creative content before a movie is released so they're sure to be free of spoiler-ish details.

The project will be directed by Andrea Pallaoro, a very nice Italian dude, who's been making me watch all sorts of movies during our research that I'd normally never watch. I also get to reunite with Caity Birmingham, who designed the film I worked on earlier this year for Stephen Cone (Black Box).

More soon.