July 4, 2012

Medeas: Day Zero

Today is the last day of prep for Medeas. I've been working about four weeks so far (easily the longest prep time I've ever enjoyed on a movie), and I'm on the precipice of a four week shoot.

Call time is a brisk 4:30am on July 5th, and the location is 45 minutes away. It's true: I'm jealous of my friends back in Pilsen (the best neighborhood in the world), celebrating the Fourth of July like normal Americans with food, beer, and explosions. Meanwhile I have a cold and a mountain of paperwork to finish before I can go to sleep. Though to be fair, I'm in LA (the weather here really is incredible), working on a film I love dearly, and awaiting tomorrow like a toddler on Christmas eve.

Thusly, the adventure continues. See you in August, world.

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