January 26, 2013


The thing is, I'm not a film critic or scholar (thank god), so I'm not especially concerned if my List fails to mirror that of The Academy's or your favorite backseat driver. Still, as a filmmaker I think there's merit in adding to the discussion. These films are made by people I want to work with, in contexts that I want to explore, and represent thresholds I'll spend my life trying to reach (or, in my arrogance and folly, attempt to exceed).

Favorites of 2012:
1.  The Master
2.  Holy Motors
3.  Amour
4.  Django Unchained
5.  Beyond The Black Rainbow
6.  Samsara
7.  Killing Them Softly
8.  Searching For Sugarman
9.  Lincoln
10.  The Imposter
11.  Moonrise Kingdom
12.  Headhunters
13.  Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
14.  Alps
15.  Cabin In The Woods
16.  Looper
17.  Ruby Sparks 
18.  Chasing Ice 
19.  Zero Dark Thirty 
20.  The Raid: Redemption
Thinking back, I think this was a great year for film. A number of masters operating at their best, a few great surprises, and a dose of glorious (and in retrospect, predictable) disappointments.

I'll step on my soapbox for a moment to mention that this year finds a number of critics and fans collectively losing their mind over a handful of fairly average films. I suppose there's always a hoopla made over the young, the flashy, and the pretentious, but I think this year it's especially cacophonous. Maybe I just don't understand this industry's obsession with elevating precocious youngsters, any more than I do its need to venerate aging train-wrecks (I'm talking about Directors here, of course).

I had to amend my 2011 list extensively after I posted it, so as a caveat, here are films I haven't seen yet, but probably should:
*Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
*Queen of Versailles
*Wuthering Heights
*Life of Pi 
*It's Such A Beautiful Day
*Rust & Bone
*West Of Memphis
*The Central Park Five
*Turin Horse
*Oslo, August 31
*This is Not A Film
*The Intouchables
*Magic Mike 
*The Loneliest Planet 

See you next year, List. 

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Stan said...

I saw very few films this year. I have a 1yo, so...

That said, I did see a few that I really enjoyed. The Master floored me. Django was a lot of fun. And I think Cabin in the Woods was great.

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